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Trauma-informed care aims to improve the way services are provided for people with histories of trauma, and the experiences of providers and staff. An important step in this process is for health care organizations to assess their readiness, capacity, and progress.

Following are resources to help measure your organization’s trauma-informed care transformation.

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Journal Article | September 2020
Examines principles of trauma-informed care (TIC) in end-of-life care. It includes a case example of a patient with advanced illness to demonstrate how TIC can be practically applied with the goal of alleviating trauma-related symptoms.
Brief | February 2020
Proposes a measurement model for trauma-informed primary care and suggest variables that could be assessed for each major intervention component.
Screening/Assessment Tools | January 2018
Measures staff attitudes toward trauma-informed care.
Implementation Tool | January 2016
Evaluates an organization’s needs and progress in implementing trauma-informed care and ensuring its sustainability.
Implementation Tool | January 2016
Gauges the extent to which an organization provides trauma-informed care in the health and human resources sectors.
Implementation Tool | March 2015
Assesses the extent to which an organization provides trauma-informed services from the perspective of those who have experienced domestic violence.
Implementation Tool | February 2015
Used for gauging an organization’s progress toward a culture of trauma-informed care.

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