Get Started with Trauma-Informed Care

Trauma-informed care does not have to be a burden to adopt. Although a comprehensive trauma-informed approach involves changes at both the organizational and clinical levels, organizations can take action gradually. Explore this section for foundational steps that organizations can take toward fully adopting a trauma-informed approach to care as well as comprehensive treatment approaches.

1. Learn the Basics

Following are core resources that include essential lessons about trauma-informed care distilled from research and experts across the country.

Understanding the Effects of Trauma on Health  This fact sheet explores the causes of trauma, how it can impact health, and how to support a trauma-informed approach to care.

10 Key Ingredients for Trauma-Informed Care – This infographic highlights the causes and health consequences of trauma, and ways to become trauma-informed.

See related fact sheet.

Laying the Groundwork for Trauma-Informed Care – This brief shares practical steps organizations can take to create a welcoming environment for patients who have experienced trauma.

What is Trauma-Informed Care? – This video explains how trauma impacts health, and how providers can enhance care for patients who have faced adversity.

2. Hear from Others

Trauma-Informed Care Champions: From Treaters to Healers – This series of videos feature health care providers who have adopted trauma-informed principles within their own practices.

Trauma-Informed Care In Action – These case studies profile innovative organizations that are integrating trauma-informed care practices into different health care settings.

3. Explore Implementation Resources

View the implementation library on this website for a wide array of practical resources and lessons from organizations across the country that are effectively integrating trauma-informed approaches into health care settings.

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