Engage Patients in Meaningful Ways

Understanding the world from the patient perspective is key to being a successful trauma-informed organization.

Following are resources to support  organizations adopting a trauma-informed approach, including opportunities to solicit patient feedback on organizational changes and engage patients in treatment planning and decision-making.

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Webinar | February 2020
Describes barriers to access and engagement in care for the LGBTQ+ population and outlines best practices for affirmative and trauma-informed care.
Fact Sheet | November 2019
Outlines considerations to guide health care organizations in meaningfully engaging patients and community members around designing and implementing a trauma-informed approach to care.
Case Study | May 2018
Highlights how the UCSF Women’s HIV Program is employing a holistic model of trauma-informed primary care to improve the physical and behavioral health outcomes of patients as well as the experience of providers.
Implementation Tool | April 2018
Supports organizations in adopting more accessible, culturally responsive, and trauma-informed approaches to working with survivors of domestic and sexual violence and their children.
Webinar | April 2017
Provides successful strategies from three organizations for incorporating patient voices into broader organizational changes.
Journal Article | September 2000
Highlights the results of a study on patient-centered communication and how patient-centered practices improved health status and increased the efficiency of care by reducing diagnostic tests and referrals.
Website/Resource Center
Including tools and advice for developing a patient engagement strategy from communities that participated in the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s Aligning Forces for Quality initiative.
Care Model
Provides a framework for case managers seeking to empower patients and engage them in authentic healing relationships.
Website/Resource Center
Includes events, resources, and a network of certified trainers for motivational interviewing.

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