What is Trauma-Informed Care?

Shifting the focus from “What’s wrong with you?” to “What happened to you?”

Trauma-Informed Care In Action

Lessons from health care organizations that can help others adopt trauma-informed practices.

What is Trauma-Informed Care?

Check out this animated video that details opportunities to improve care.

Across the country, health care providers, systems, and policymakers increasingly recognize the negative effects of trauma on the health and wellbeing of children and adults. Exposure to trauma — like abuse, neglect, systemic discrimination, and violence — increases an individual’s risk for serious health issues and poor outcomes throughout life.

This website, developed by the Center for Health Care Strategies, provides resources from trauma-informed care leaders across the country to help improve patient outcomes, increase patient and staff resilience, and reduce avoidable health care service use and costs. While geared toward health care, many of these lessons from this website can be applied elsewhere, including in social services and education.

Trauma-Informed Care Champions: From Treaters to Healers

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