Using Trauma-Informed Care to Support Public Sector Equity Champions
Source: Center for Health Care Strategies
Perspective | October 2023

Building a committed workforce is essential for health care safety net organizations that aim to increase access to care, improve health outcomes, and eliminate long-standing health inequities. However, this dedicated workforce — including providers, support staff, and policymakers — is prone to burnout, which is especially prevalent among individuals with diverse identities who often lead equity efforts. Finding ways to prevent burnout and maintain career longevity for staff who support efforts to advance equity — both within their organizations and the communities they serve — is critical.

The Center for Health Care Strategies spoke with Omar Reda, MD, a psychiatrist, trauma-informed care expert, and author of The Wounded Healer and Untangled, to get his advice for fostering more care and wellness among public sector staff who champion equity in the health and human services field.

Posted: October 2023

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