Lead and Communicate about Becoming Trauma-Informed

Becoming a trauma-informed organization requires clear communication about the transformation process, and support from staff at all levels of an organization.

Following are resources for becoming a trauma-informed care champion at your organization.

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Webinar | February 28, 2023
Highlights how Denver Health, a large health system in Colorado, is implementing a trauma- and resilience-informed approach into organizational policy and practice, while also focusing on addressing systemic racism and biases.
Implementation Tool | November 2019
Aimed at supporting champions when approaching leadership about the value of adopting a trauma-informed approach in health care settings.
Video | January 2019
Features health care providers who have adopted trauma-informed principles within their own practices.
Video | January 2019
Explains how trauma impacts health, and how providers can enhance care for patients who have faced adversity.
Journal Article | November 2018
Advocates for widespread adoption of trauma-informed care practices.
Video | November 2018
Features Dr. Eddy Machtinger, director of the Women’s HIV Program at University of California, San Francisco, who offers a simple roadmap to help organizations promote trauma-informed care.
Presentation Slides | November 2018
Describes the causes of trauma and how it can impact an individual’s health.
Presentation Slides | November 2018
Describes the causes of trauma and how it can impact an individual’s health.
Report | June 2018
Describes the landscape, prevalence, and characteristics of patient and family advisory councils in New York hospitals, and identifies best practices and offers recommendations for implementing these types of advisory boards.
Case Study | May 2018
Highlights how the Center for Youth Wellness is serving children and families in San Francisco’s Hunter’s Point neighborhood and became a pioneer in the field of trauma-informed pediatrics.
Case Study | May 2018
Highlights how Montefiore is adopting principles of trauma-informed care and implementing universal screening for adverse childhood experiences throughout its 21-practice outpatient care network.
Case Study | May 2018
Highlights how 11th Street is cultivating a trauma-informed organizational culture by adopting an organization-wide mindfulness approach to improve care for patients and support staff wellness.
Case Study | May 2018
Details how the San Francisco Department of Public Health is training all 9,000+ public health employees on the impact of trauma, and facilitating a department-wide trauma champions learning community.
Case Study | May 2018
Highlights how the UCSF Women’s HIV Program is employing a holistic model of trauma-informed primary care to improve the physical and behavioral health outcomes of patients as well as the experience of providers.
Case Study | May 2018
Highlights how Greater Newark Healthcare Coalition is working to address trauma in the classroom and establishing a trauma-informed curriculum for pediatric residents with the goal of making Newark a “trauma-informed city.”
Brief | January 2018
Offers practical recommendations for health care organizations looking to create a more welcoming clinical environment for patients who have experienced trauma.
Webinar | October 2017
Features speakers from the Center for Youth Wellness and the University of California’s Women’s HIV Program as they discuss strategies for implementing trauma-informed care in pediatric and adult primary care settings.
Infographic | August 2017
Highlights the causes and health consequences of trauma, and ways to become trauma-informed. See related fact sheet.
Video | February 2017
Provides an overview of ACEs and toxic stress.
Brief | December 2016
Outlines the impact of chronic work-related stress and provides examples of two organizations that prioritize staff wellness: Camden Coalition of Healthcare Providers and Stephen and Sandra Sheller 11th Street Family Health Services.
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