Identify and Treat Trauma

As organizations adopt trauma-informed approaches to care, many are integrating trauma screening into care models to assess patient exposure to adverse childhood experiences and trauma.

Following are resources to help guide trauma screening efforts, as well as for building a trauma-informed referral network.

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Journal Article | January 2024
Explores the correlation between establishing a trauma-informed environment of care and the uptake of ACE screening.
Journal Article | December 2023
Explores adolescents’ and caregivers’ perceptions on the acceptability of ACE screenings in pediatric clinics.
Journal Article | September 2023
Examines clinical staff perceptions regarding routine ACE screening in pediatric primary care.
Report | March 2022
Shares perspectives from providers on how to effectively integrate ACE screening into clinical practice for children and adults in a trauma-informed manner.
Website/Resource Center | January 2020
Used to assess childhood adversity in adult population.
Webinar | April 2019
Shares approaches and journeys to trauma screening and assessment.
Implementation Tool | February 2019
Offers various approaches and considerations for screening adults and children for ACEs and trauma.
Webinar | July 2018
Details Montefiore Medical Group's approach to screening adult and pediatric populations for ACEs within its outpatient practice network.
Screening/Assessment Tools | July 2018
Designed to inform patients prior to being screened for ACEs. It is also available in Spanish.
Journal Article | July 2018
Details key preparatory steps for inquiring about and responding to trauma, as well as four options when inquiring about trauma with patients.
Journal Article | July 2018
Defines different types of screening tools and how to engage families in the screening process. Additional information can be found in their Screening and Assessment: Considerations for Implementation guide.
Brief | February 2017
Outlines training strategies for trauma-informed care in health care settings based on the experiences of five complex care programs.
Webinar | July 2016
Features speakers from Montefiore Medical Group in The Bronx, New York and BRICK Academy in Newark, New Jersey discussing how to build and sustain a clinical referral network for patients and students exposed to trauma.
Brief | March 2015
Provides an introduction to trauma-informed care and describes how this approach can be adopted to better serve patients, including examples from three innovative programs across the country.
Screening/Assessment Tools | January 2015
Developed by the Center for Youth Wellness, based on the original ACE questionnaire, and adapted for a pediatric patient population.
Screening/Assessment Tools | October 2006
Assesses participants in the original Adverse Childhood Experiences study.
Screening/Assessment Tools | December 2003
Shares a shortened version of a screening tool to assess for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) developed by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.
Screening/Assessment Tools
Shares screening tool maintained by the American Academy of Pediatrics.
Website/Resource Center
Allows providers interested in applying ACEs and toxic stress science to medical practice share best practices.
Website/Resource Center
Details trauma-informed therapies, including Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Integrative Treatment of Complex Trauma for Adolescents, and others.

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